Smoker’s Lines Treatment

Why have Smoker’s Lines / Perioral Line Filler?

Also known as vertical ‘lipstick lines’, are the result of many years of smoking, sun damage and natural ageing. They can also be caused by the pursing of your lips and can become more obvious when lipstick bleeds into the lines (hence the name “lipstick lines” They can be present at rest or present on contraction and can appear above and/or below the lips. Filler into these areas can help to reduce their appearance. Botox can also be used to help maximise the reduction.

What can be done?

This area can be treated by a combination of both botox to relax the muscle and filler to add volume that is lost. Dermal filler helps to restore volume to these areas and reduce the shadows which makes these lines more visible, whereas Botox helps to relax these muscles that contribute towards making these lines visible when the moth is moving. Combining the two will give you great, long lasting results

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Back To Work


Visible Results


Results Duration

12-18 months

Treatment Price