Gummy Smile Treatment

Why have Gummy Smile Treatment?

A gummy smile can be quite embarrassing to some when smiling in front of others. This can lead to people covering their mouth when smiling or avoiding smiling in pictures to avoid feeling self conscious and unable to close the mouth properly. A gummy smile is the prominence of gum tissue on smiling results from the elevation of the upper lip by muscles called the levator labii superioris alaeque nasi.  We can correct this using botox®  which is injected in the top lip and relaxes the muscles when you smile so that the smile line drops creating a really natural and attractive result.  Many female (and some male) patients will have combine a lip filler procedure with a bit Botox® to drop the smile line and perfect their lip procedure.

What can be done?

Small dosages of Anti-Wrinkle product can simply be injected into the top half of the muscle to relax it allowing it to slightly drop.

Maximum results are usually seen between 10-14 days and will typically last 3 months.  Spaces are limited to facilitate so Book Now to reserve your appointment.

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Back To Work


Visible Results

10-14 days

Results Duration

3-4 months

Treatment Price